Jerry Fine, Founder of Neil Enterprises

Jerry Fine

It’s been about a month since the passing of Neil Enterprises founder, Jerry Fine. He will be greatly missed not only by the Neil employees but the customers as well. The immense amount of support from the photo community has been humbling. Jerry and some of his products greatly impacted the wide world of photography.

Jerry Fine, Founder of Neil Enterprises

Jerry was an outstanding businessman and set an unbelievable example for all employees. His loyalty was immeasurable. Neil Enterprises just recently had a 50th anniversary celebration. Close friends and family as well as customers and past and present employees all were able to speak with Jerry. He made it

a point to talk to everyone and had a smile on his face the entire time. Looking back all are so grateful to have shared such a significant milestone with the man who started it all. It is rare nowadays for businesses to make it past the first generation of family. However, Neil Enterprises is now in its third generation of Fine Family members. Some of his children and grandchild are employees. This is due to Jerry’s leadership and his love for not only his family, but his work as well. Jerry Fine was a great man; it is because of him Neil Enterprises has become the highly regarded company that it is today.

What Are These Funny Looking Barcodes?

2D codes: QR code and Microsoft Tag

How 2D codes can be useful for marketing?

2D codes can be placed on any printed materials, buildings, soda cans, etc.  and provide additional information about offers, coupons, or any company promotions.  Most mobile devices with a camera can take a picture of the code and quickly access the info.  Some 2D codes are completely free to use. 2D codes benefit both consumer and  marketer: consumers can reach the information quickly and marketers can measure success of their campaigns.

History of 2D codes

The most popular code – QR code – was invented in Japan; during the 90′s when all Japanese mobile carriers agreed to include QR reading software into their phones. QR codes can be created by anyone license free and most readers can be downloaded to any camera enabled smart phone for free – http://www.cognation.net/qr/ QR codes are widely used in Japan and now to appear in western countries, including the US. There is a range of proprietary systems, which have similar function but require payment.

A few types of 2D codes (US)

QR Code

How to generate: http://2d-code.co.uk/qr-code-generators

How to download a reader: http://percentmobile.com/getqr (or search for QR reader on your mobile device)

QR code is completely free for use. Success of the promotions can be measured by the traffic generated to the URL, which is easy to do through Web Analytics software. QR code as an open format is becoming more popular.

More information on QR code from Bee Tag.


Microsoft Tag

How to generate a tag:  http://www.microsoft.com/tag/

How to download a reader: http://gettag.mobi/

Microsoft Tag is a proprietary tag which just celebrated its first anniversary and is currently free to use.  Microsoft might decide to charge for the use of the tag in the future, however, everybody who started a free trial will be able to use existing tags free for the next two years.

Microsoft tag can be published in a colorful format, black/white, and also in a custom format allowing more creativity for designers. Microsoft Tag provides an interface for management of all generated tags and tracking consumer activity.

Microsoft Tag works well in small sizes. If you are interested, click here for a concise technical comparison of Microsoft Tag and QR code.

More information: http://www.microsoft.com/tag/


Article courtesy of Interactive Snack

Great Greek Gifts

Go Greek!

Looking for a new way to showcase or sell your products from Neil Enterprises? How about going Greek! There’s currently 400,000 active members in Greek organizations nation-wide. Just think of all of those potential customers. Fraternities and sororities are constantly gift-giving for occasions like mom/dad’s night, bid day, initiation, homecoming, and many more. You can decorate products with photos, embroidery, or scrapbook materials and customize each one for specific organizations and chapters. Not only can you highlight the colors they use and Greek letters, but sororities often associate themselves with an animal. Do your research to incorporate these things into the gifts your making. Popular items for college kids these days are desktop items they can show off in their rooms and drinkware they can carry around campus.

Feature below are the: Photo Cork Board (#7701), Sticky Note Holder (#655), 20 oz. Travel Tumbler (#575), Photo Cube Clip (#313), and the 12 oz. Travel Tumbler (#573).

Great Greek Gifts

v-day couple

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

Valentine’s Day is about a month away. Do you know what you’re getting your sweetie? With many couples on a budget a small thoughtful gift is all you need to show you care. While roses and chocolates are great, be original! Try something new and different. One of my favorite gifts for V-Day is the heart shaped snow globe. It is just too cute. and a nice pull out easel stand on the back. All you have to do is insert your photo. Heart Photo Snow GlobeFor those looking to personalize a gift even further, you’re in luck. New QuickStitch Embroidery Papers we’re just added to the growing collection. They can be viewed here. By using the themed paper, you can make any of the QuickStitch Products Valentine friendly. The new designs look great in drinkware items and keychains.

christmas stocking on fireplace

Top Five Stocking Stuffers

One of the great things about Neil Enterprises is that practically everything ships out the same day. This could not be better for procrastinators scrambling around to find those last minute presents. Here are some great, smaller sized items that are just perfect for stocking stuffers. I’m going to admit, that women like these items more than men, but really they are all unisex. And men might find something like a compact mirror helpful (ok maybe not). But all of these items are less than $4.00, a total steal!

5. Metal Compact Mirror
4. Deluxe Metal Photo Keychain
3. Coffee Sleeve
2. Mini Snow Globe
1. Mr. Frost Snowman Plush Frame


Personalized Portfolios

The new portfolios are here and I’m thinking craft projects!! The portfolios, which come in two sizes, have LARGE insert areas, which means lots of room to go crazy. Not to mention, these portfolios come in 6 colors, so there’s something for everyone. Create a personalized portfolio to use around the house, take notes in class, or carry around the office.

As soon as these came, I started designing. Check these out to get some ideas of your own.



Here’s how I decorated each one:

Pink: Photo, Blue: photoshop, Red: Embroidered, Green: stickers, Black: drawing


What I want NOW!

New snow globes in time for the holiday season!!!

What will I be getting all my friends for the holidays? The new Create-A-Globe (#2716). With the Create-A-Globe you can design your own base insert. So I’ll be personalizing them for each one of my friends. The Globe actually comes with 4 pre-printed designs you can use but I plan on creating my own. Another thing that’s great about these globes is that they look like they’re glass but really their made out of this soft stuff so you don’t have to worry about breakage. And like most Neil globes they hold two photos, one on each side. And at only $6.50 each, I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


Create-A-Globes (#2716)

Here’s some globes I’ve created so far. In one of them I used a photo of the beach for the base design (great for vacation memories!). The one with the stripes I made for Christmas. I used QuickStitch Embroidery Papers and Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. The stickers look like they’re actually part of the base! The final one I create was made by embroidering on a cute sheet of pink polka dot QuickStitch Embroidery Papers. For all of these inserts once I created my design, I used the blank insert as a template to trace the proper size and then just cut it out.  It literally took minutes to do! Another great idea is if you’re handy with the computer. Then you can make some cool graphic design and just print that out. There’s so many different things you can do!

Another new snow globe that you should check out is the #2718 Mini Snow Globe. It’s cute and tiny and with a soft globe won’t break. The Mini Snow Globe is a great idea for stocking stuffers!

Mini Snow Globe

#2718 Mini Snow Globe

Click here to view ALL of the Neil Enterprises Snow Globes: http://www.neilenterprises.com/snowglobes.aspx

UPDATE: The new Create-A-Globes were featured in Invention and Technology News. Click here to read the article!

Button Machine

Cute as a BUTTON!

So Neil Enterprises has been selling button machines and parts forever. But now there’s a youtube video with a demonstration. So for all of you that were hesitant because you didn’t understand how to use them or were worried it was too complicated, check out this video! 

How to Make a Metal Button 

Button Machine

Button Machine

Making buttons are super easy to do.

1. Cut the photo to the correct size using the Creativity Cutter
2. Place the metal disc on the left side
3. Place the photo (face up) on top of the disc, then place the clear acetate on top of the photo
4. Slide the circle part to the middle, push down the lever
5. Place the metal backing on the right side
6. Slide right circle part to the middle, push down the lever 

AND YOU’RE DONE, YOU’VE MADE A PHOTO BUTTON!Click here to purchase button machines and parts: http://www.neilenterprises.com/buttonmachinesandparts.aspx

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers

Have you heard about QuickStitch Embroidery Papers yet? They’re starting to pop up everywhere!

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers are the latest addition the embroidery line. They don’t tear, are water resistant, and can be used in die cutters and punches as well as acrylic items such as drinkware, compact mirrors, and keychains. QuickStitch Embroidery Papers come in over 800 designs and more are being added each day.

- Comes in 8.5” x 11” sheets
- Minimum order of 24 sheets
- Only $1.85 a sheet
- Ship within 24 hours

Items like the photo drinkware and photo keychains are being used to displayed embroidery designs. Just use QuickStitch Papers to personalize items with names, initials, and unique designs. Embroider on it like it’s a normal piece of fabric. Then use the template that comes in the item to cut it to the right size and insert it into the blank items, just like with a photo.

“It’s amazing to see the imaginative designs our customers can create with our simple products. They are a great addition to their current embroidery businesses,” says Alex.

Click here to view the full press release: QuickStitch Press Release

UPDATE: At CHA 2010 QuickStitch Embroidery Papers were selected as one of the most innovative new products. Allison presented the paper at the Innovation Showcase Media Event. Click here to watch the presentation (Neil Enterprises comes on at about 1:27):  QuickStitch Embroidery Papers at CHA

FYI: Online you can only order packs of 12 of single designs. If you’d like to mix & match you have to speak to one of our lovely customer service reps 1-800-621-5584. Also, if you’re unsure about the whole ‘embroidering on paper thing’ give us a call and we can send you a sample!

Happy Sewing!

The Fun Photo Strip Series

It’s party time! Have you checked out the super cool photo strip products yet? They were created specifically for the Sony SnapLab and Sony Photo Strip Media (2UPCC48TS) which is 4” x 8” perforated media that contains two rolls of print paper for 300 total prints.

Photo Strip Easel Frame


You need to download the SnapLab upgrade (which is FREE) before you start, Then insert the special media and you’re good to go. Snap some photos with your camera, then plug in the memory card to the SnapLab, select the photobooth design, then pick the photos, and print! You have the option of selecting a design that prints 3 photos or one that prints 4 photos. They look like they were taken in a photobooth but actually can be taken ANYWHERE!

The Fun Photo Strip Series includes two acrylic bent easel frames, one that is clear (#435) and one that has a film strip border (#2928). There are also two photo strip mounts (#3021 and #3022) with different sized windows to accommodate the two different settings on the Sony SnapLab.

The clear magnet frame (#926) and the film strip magnet frame (#2885) are ideal for school events like prom and fundraisers. The magnets are a great way for students to decorate their lockers. The clear photo bookmark (#5418) allows for two strip inserts, one on each side.

4 Strip Photo Mount


Back of photo strip Mount


All items in the series can be imprinted. This is a perfect way to highlight event themes or for photographers to promote themselves. In addition to these products Neil Enterprises actually carries Sony SnapLabs and different types of Sony media.

Sony SnapLabs require a free firmware upgrade to use the new photo booth features. The download and all these super cool products can be found here: www.neilenterprises.com/photobooth.

With the photo strip products not only will your event be a hit, but they get to take home a special something to remember it by. These are great for brand promotions, cocktail hour entertainment, corporate functions, parties, weddings, school events, and more!

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