Product Spotlight: The SnapLab Printer

Event photography with on-location printing can bring huge profits to your studio!  Corporate events, action sports, specialty shows, dance competitions, weddings and other social events are just a few possibilities.
The DNP (formerly Sony) SnapLab Printer, which can be purchased from Neil Enterprises, provides you with everything you need to make the photo truly stand out.
Another big plus to printing the photos on site, is that when you get back to the studio, you’re done! No editing involved since the photos have already been delivered.

The SnapLab Printer

SnapLab features:

  • NO computer necessary
  • 8″ Touch Screen
  • NO messy ink
  • FAST prints come out dry, coated and trimmed to size
  • Accepts most media cards
  • Crop, color-correct, eliminate red eye
  • Convert Images to B&W and Sepia
  • Refill 4×6 paper & ribbon once every 200 prints
  • Lightweight and portable



Click here to purchase the SnapLab Printer from Neil Enterprises. Are you worried about making the investment in a SnapLab Printer? Call Martin, the SnapLab Expert at Neil Enterprises (1-800-621-5584). He’ll help you figure out if it’s the right decision for you. Martin also can put together a custom package that includes photo keychains and mounts at a discount!

New Addition: Pro-Line Photo Mounts

Neil Enterprises, Inc. has added five new styles of photo mounts to its Pro-Line series geared towards professional photographers. No longer just a go to spot for seasonal mounts, Neil Enterprises’ new Pro-Line Photo Mounts offer elegance and sophistication for any occasion.
The new line of photo mounts was created due to a need from photographers looking to order high quality photo mounts quickly and efficiently. All of the new photo mounts are in stock and ship within 24 hours from when the order is received. Styles range from a tasteful marble design called the “Traditional Photo Mount” to the basic black called the “Timeless Photo Mount”. Two additional styles feature a pop-out easel back that can be used horizontally or vertically.

All of the photo mounts are sold in cases of 100. Sizes range from 4” x 6” to 8” x 10”. Pro-Line Photo Mounts are very economical with prices as low as $0.27 each. Neil Enterprises will soon be offering foil stamping on the entire new Pro-Line Photo Mount collection with turnaround times as short as two business days.

The Pro-Line Photo Mounts can be seen at

581 border

The Slurpy Tumbler

So what are you going to do with your slurpy tumbler?

Click here to buy!

Decorated 7702 wipe board

The New Dry Erase Board!

Looking for a creative gift? Something that you can totally customize and that’s practically a blank canvas. The new Dry Erase Board Photo Frame (#7702) is now in stock. It’s great for people of all ages and all kinds of occasions. From kids’ bedrooms to teacher’s desks, adding fun stickers and colors really transforms this once boring item.

Blank Dry Erase Board

Decorated 7702 wipe board

Decorated Dry Erase Board

Different stickers and things were used to decorate the wipe board above and purchased at a local craft store for less than $8.00. This included enough to decorate at least two boards and with the photo wipe board costing only $6.00 you can make a coupe of these for under $10.00 each. Not to mention, each wipe board comes with a pen that magnetically sticks to the board and has an eraser on the cap. Neil Enterprises also carries the same item in a cork board version. If you ever do something creative, feel free to send a photo to and we will feature it on our blog or even on the Neil Enterprises homepage!

gift and old people

The Holidays are here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with snow, fireplaces, eggnog, and hot chocolate!
What kind of gifts are you giving this year? There’s nothing better than giving a totally personalized gift, whether you’re decorating with a cute photo or monogramming it with initials. It’s definitely going to be unique and something they don’t own already. And making that extra effort can go a long way!

My top gift recommendations this year:

Christmas Tree Snow Globe (with silver base) – a classic, you can never go wrong!

Tissue Box- people go through a Kleenex box a week when it’s freezing out!

12 oz. Travel Tumbler – who doesn’t need something to carry their morning coffee in?

Create-A-Globe – this product is still my favorite, you can design your own base AND put a photo in it

Stay tuned for my blog post for the best stocking stuffers coming soon!


What I want NOW!

New snow globes in time for the holiday season!!!

What will I be getting all my friends for the holidays? The new Create-A-Globe (#2716). With the Create-A-Globe you can design your own base insert. So I’ll be personalizing them for each one of my friends. The Globe actually comes with 4 pre-printed designs you can use but I plan on creating my own. Another thing that’s great about these globes is that they look like they’re glass but really their made out of this soft stuff so you don’t have to worry about breakage. And like most Neil globes they hold two photos, one on each side. And at only $6.50 each, I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


Create-A-Globes (#2716)

Here’s some globes I’ve created so far. In one of them I used a photo of the beach for the base design (great for vacation memories!). The one with the stripes I made for Christmas. I used QuickStitch Embroidery Papers and Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. The stickers look like they’re actually part of the base! The final one I create was made by embroidering on a cute sheet of pink polka dot QuickStitch Embroidery Papers. For all of these inserts once I created my design, I used the blank insert as a template to trace the proper size and then just cut it out.  It literally took minutes to do! Another great idea is if you’re handy with the computer. Then you can make some cool graphic design and just print that out. There’s so many different things you can do!

Another new snow globe that you should check out is the #2718 Mini Snow Globe. It’s cute and tiny and with a soft globe won’t break. The Mini Snow Globe is a great idea for stocking stuffers!

Mini Snow Globe

#2718 Mini Snow Globe

Click here to view ALL of the Neil Enterprises Snow Globes:

UPDATE: The new Create-A-Globes were featured in Invention and Technology News. Click here to read the article!

Photo Mailer

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Have you guys checked out the new photo mailer frame (#242) yet? It’s perfect school and sports photographers alike. You just slip in a photo (or several) and fold over the cardboard cover. On the outside you can write the mailing address or even print your logo on it. Add a stamp and send it to your customer!

Then when the customer opens it (using the pull tab) they can pop out the easel backing and set it up to show off anywhere.

Photo Mailer

#242 Photo Mailer

Change things up a bit by mailing your photos in this new photo mailer instead of a boring envelope!

Coffee To Go

The new coffee sleeves have arrived and I’m very excited about them! For all those Caffeine Queens out there always looking for their next coffee fix, this item is for you. You never have to waste a cardboard sleeve again. This coffee sleeve slides over t0-go cups. Not only are you being environmentally friendly but your coffee cup now has a handle!

#576 Coffee Sleeve

The coffee sleeve is expandable so you can use it on any sized cup.

HOT TIP:  Remember when creating your insert for this item to do it towards one side. With all other drinkware you usually put your design in the middle. But with the coffee sleeve the handle is in the middle so the key is to put it towards one side so everything is visible.

Click here to order:

The Fun Photo Strip Series

It’s party time! Have you checked out the super cool photo strip products yet? They were created specifically for the Sony SnapLab and Sony Photo Strip Media (2UPCC48TS) which is 4” x 8” perforated media that contains two rolls of print paper for 300 total prints.

Photo Strip Easel Frame


You need to download the SnapLab upgrade (which is FREE) before you start, Then insert the special media and you’re good to go. Snap some photos with your camera, then plug in the memory card to the SnapLab, select the photobooth design, then pick the photos, and print! You have the option of selecting a design that prints 3 photos or one that prints 4 photos. They look like they were taken in a photobooth but actually can be taken ANYWHERE!

The Fun Photo Strip Series includes two acrylic bent easel frames, one that is clear (#435) and one that has a film strip border (#2928). There are also two photo strip mounts (#3021 and #3022) with different sized windows to accommodate the two different settings on the Sony SnapLab.

The clear magnet frame (#926) and the film strip magnet frame (#2885) are ideal for school events like prom and fundraisers. The magnets are a great way for students to decorate their lockers. The clear photo bookmark (#5418) allows for two strip inserts, one on each side.

4 Strip Photo Mount


Back of photo strip Mount


All items in the series can be imprinted. This is a perfect way to highlight event themes or for photographers to promote themselves. In addition to these products Neil Enterprises actually carries Sony SnapLabs and different types of Sony media.

Sony SnapLabs require a free firmware upgrade to use the new photo booth features. The download and all these super cool products can be found here:

With the photo strip products not only will your event be a hit, but they get to take home a special something to remember it by. These are great for brand promotions, cocktail hour entertainment, corporate functions, parties, weddings, school events, and more!

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