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The times they are a changing….

Prints vs discs vs USB/flash/thumb drives?? The many ways to share photos keeps increasing! Back in the day, the only way to get photos was to order prints from your professional photographer. But with technology moving rapidly it’s hard to keep up. I love this marketing piece from Yanman Photography.

CD Folio and Flash Drive Box for Photographers

It really proves how much technology can change, not just from decade to decade but from year to year. One of the best sellers at Neil Enterprises is the cd/dvd folios. But as technology advances we must too. New slim laptops do not come with disc drives anymore. Same with televisions, at one time they had built in DVD players but that’s not the case anymore. What these new devices do have is usb ports for flash drives. So Neil Enterprises is preparing for the days ahead and now offering flash drive boxes. You can check them out here: Are you thinking about making the switch? Or are you one of those few photographers that still doesn’t offer digital files? (And there’s nothing wrong with that.)

Halloween — Don’t let it go unnoticed!

Halloween is about a month away! Many photographers completely overlook this holiday. It is considered a holiday, right? Whether you’re a candy corn lover or not, Halloween is one of the most photographed days of the year. Parents and children alike break out the silly costumes on this day. Capturing these memories is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Ways to cash in on Halloween:

- See if there are any special events nearby (usually hosted by schools or park districts) that need a freelance photographer
- Hold mini sessions where parents can bring their kids in costume
- Contact local costume stores to see if they’re looking to update their ads with new photography
- Go cheesy and offer “spooktacular” savings for a limited time on future sessions


Since the crazy busy holiday season will be here before you know it, take this opportunity to RELAX, get one of those pumpkin flavor somethings that are currently being offered!

How to Make a Gigantic Roll of Film

Summer is almost over! Day camps are ending but school has yet to begin. The kids are starting to literally bounce off the walls. This is a great project for both you and your kids. Have them help you create this roll of film as an art project. Once it’s completed it becomes a great prop to use during fun photo session or as a unique piece of decor in your photo studio.


This post is from Photojojo. Find out the detailed instructions and view the original post by clicking here.











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The Slurpy Tumbler

So what are you going to do with your slurpy tumbler?

Click here to buy!

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Chevron, Chevron, Everywhere!

TREND WATCH: Is chevron the new stripes?

Chevron by far is one of the hottest prints of 2012 — at least so far, it is only March! It is everywhere. Home decor, like blankets and rugs to accessories like cell phone cases and handbags. Even on apparel like skirts and shirts! And last but not least paper products like invitations and now finally QUICKSTITCH EMBROIDERY PAPERS! Chevron picked up a lot of steam when Missoni for Target launched in September 2011. It put the once exclusive pattern in the hands of everyday shoppers. Since then generic chevron patterns are popping up everywhere.

And now Neil Enterprises has jumped on the trend.


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via Neil Enterprises
The drawings were placed in the #6630 Memo Holder and the #573 Travel Tumbler

Turn Your Photo Coloring Pages into Photo Products!

Last week we posted a great project from our friends at Photojojo on how to take regular boring old photos and turn them into works of art that you can color in. (Click here to read it.) As we mentioned you can take the project one step farther and insert your creations into photo products from Neil Enterprises. Check out these cool items we created!



The drawings were placed in the #6630 Memo Holder and the #573 Travel Tumbler

You can get really wild and crazy by changing people’s hair color and the color of their clothes. Notice how the girls in the photo were originally wearing black or white but in the drawing their clothes turned into green, purple, and pink! This easy to do craft project makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, which is right around the corner.

How to Create Coloring Book Pages Using your Own Photos!

Are you tired of using the same boring photo inserts in your acrylic blanks? Looking for a new creative way to use Neil photo products? How about using your photos to create pages you can color in! This is an innovative take on craft projects. What kid doesn’t want to color in themselves. If you’re looking for an activity that also doubles as a Mother or Father’s Day gift, this is it!

Note: This blog entry is coutresy of Photojojo and was originally posted here: Create Coloring Book Pages Using Photos!

Imagine a world where you can color on your friend’s faces and not get in trouble for it.

Now you can by making your own coloring book out of photos!

With a little help from your photo editor, you’ll be able to turn your very own snaps into a stack of ready-to-be-colored in images.

You may not be able to control the color of your photos while you’re taking pics, but with our coloring book tutorial, you’ll have the power to make your photos any little color you want.

Also, your friends will thank you for not taking a sharpie to their face in real life.


  • Photoshop or a similar photo editing software
  • A photo with an easy to see subject
  • Non-photo paper
  • Crayons or any coloring medium of your choice
  • Stapler

Step 1: Gather The Troops!

beforeCollect photos you would like to make into a coloring book and open them in Photoshop.

Over exaggerated open mouth photos are highly encouraged–nobody wants a snooze-fest of a coloring book.

Step 2: Hey I Almost See It!

beforeHere comes the fun part! This is where your photo really starts to take on that “coloring book” look.

First make sure your foreground color is set to black (those 2 colored squares towards the bottom left of your document in the tool panel).

Go to the “Filter” menu and go to the sub menu “sketch” there should be a “photocopy” option there. Depending on what version of photoshop you are running the “photocopy” filter may be in a different sub menu–don’t fret!

Most versions have this filter so you might have to a do a lil searching. It’s ok though, think of it as an exciting adobe scavenger hunt! (You like scavenger hunts, right? Yeah, we thought so).

Once you go to the “photocopy” menu you’ll get 2 slider bars, one for “detail” and one for “darkness”. Each photo is different and unique (just like you!) so there is no real science between picking which numbers will look best for your photo.

Slide the sliders over till you get a result that looks similar to the photos below. Don’t worry about a “psychedelic” background or those pesky lil specs that may appear on your friend’s faces, we’ll get rid of those we promise.

Step 3: Out Darn Spots!

beforeAs promised we’re going to take care of that background and bizarre spots on your friend’s faces.

Go to the brush tool and make it white. Simply color in the background and go over any unsightly spots and gnarly shapes.

You can also do the same thing with the black areas. We colored in this little guy’s stylish shades with the black paint brush to make it look more “hey you can’t see his eyeballs, this makes him mysterious and cool” and less “hey, where did the rest of their glasses go? Is that why they were on sale?”

Step 4: Time For The Refrigerator Art Gallery! (Awww Yeaaah)

beforeNow go get “yo’ print on”, grab those crayons & get to town! If not for us do it for your inner child.

When done coloring in your way awesome coloring book pages you can slap those bad boys to the fridge.

Everyone knows only thee best art work gets to be showcased in the refrigerator art gallery. We here believe that your coloring book is so grand that it deserves to grace those giant white doors that is your fridge.

Also while you’re there you can grab a snack and take a nap–all that coloring really works up an appetite and wipes you out!



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