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Chevron, Chevron, Everywhere!

TREND WATCH: Is chevron the new stripes?

Chevron by far is one of the hottest prints of 2012 — at least so far, it is only March! It is everywhere. Home decor, like blankets and rugs to accessories like cell phone cases and handbags. Even on apparel like skirts and shirts! And last but not least paper products like invitations and now finally QUICKSTITCH EMBROIDERY PAPERS! Chevron picked up a lot of steam when Missoni for Target launched in September 2011. It put the once exclusive pattern in the hands of everyday shoppers. Since then generic chevron patterns are popping up everywhere.

And now Neil Enterprises has jumped on the trend.


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How-to: QuickStitch Embroidery Papers

Have you tried embroidery on the QuickStitch Embroidery Papers yet?

Are you nervous?

First, watch this how-to video that shows just how easy it is to use by scrolling down or clicking HERE.

Once you realize, that really any one can do it, call 800-621-5584 or e-mail info@neilenterprises.com to request your FREE sample. Yes, the sample is FREE! You’ve got no reason to hold back.  Embroidering on this special paper and inserting it  into acrylic accessories like keychains and tumblers is a great add on for your embroidery business!


What I want NOW!

New snow globes in time for the holiday season!!!

What will I be getting all my friends for the holidays? The new Create-A-Globe (#2716). With the Create-A-Globe you can design your own base insert. So I’ll be personalizing them for each one of my friends. The Globe actually comes with 4 pre-printed designs you can use but I plan on creating my own. Another thing that’s great about these globes is that they look like they’re glass but really their made out of this soft stuff so you don’t have to worry about breakage. And like most Neil globes they hold two photos, one on each side. And at only $6.50 each, I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


Create-A-Globes (#2716)

Here’s some globes I’ve created so far. In one of them I used a photo of the beach for the base design (great for vacation memories!). The one with the stripes I made for Christmas. I used QuickStitch Embroidery Papers and Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. The stickers look like they’re actually part of the base! The final one I create was made by embroidering on a cute sheet of pink polka dot QuickStitch Embroidery Papers. For all of these inserts once I created my design, I used the blank insert as a template to trace the proper size and then just cut it out.  It literally took minutes to do! Another great idea is if you’re handy with the computer. Then you can make some cool graphic design and just print that out. There’s so many different things you can do!

Another new snow globe that you should check out is the #2718 Mini Snow Globe. It’s cute and tiny and with a soft globe won’t break. The Mini Snow Globe is a great idea for stocking stuffers!

Mini Snow Globe

#2718 Mini Snow Globe

Click here to view ALL of the Neil Enterprises Snow Globes: http://www.neilenterprises.com/snowglobes.aspx

UPDATE: The new Create-A-Globes were featured in Invention and Technology News. Click here to read the article!

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers on Paper Cuts!

We need your help!

First, watch this awesome video on how to use QuickStitch Embroidery Papers. It includes info about the paper and a demonstration!

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers are competing against other paper companies on the latest episode of ‘When Creativity Knocks,’ an online craft show and blog.

Click to watch the video and vote

All you have to do is register and vote for Neil Enterprises! We really appreciate your help!

To register on the ‘When Creativity Knocks’ site click here.

After you register click here to watch the video and vote on the right hand side.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting is open for 10 days only, ending at midnight August 29, PST.

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers

Have you heard about QuickStitch Embroidery Papers yet? They’re starting to pop up everywhere!

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers

QuickStitch Embroidery Papers are the latest addition the embroidery line. They don’t tear, are water resistant, and can be used in die cutters and punches as well as acrylic items such as drinkware, compact mirrors, and keychains. QuickStitch Embroidery Papers come in over 800 designs and more are being added each day.

- Comes in 8.5” x 11” sheets
- Minimum order of 24 sheets
- Only $1.85 a sheet
- Ship within 24 hours

Items like the photo drinkware and photo keychains are being used to displayed embroidery designs. Just use QuickStitch Papers to personalize items with names, initials, and unique designs. Embroider on it like it’s a normal piece of fabric. Then use the template that comes in the item to cut it to the right size and insert it into the blank items, just like with a photo.

“It’s amazing to see the imaginative designs our customers can create with our simple products. They are a great addition to their current embroidery businesses,” says Alex.

Click here to view the full press release: QuickStitch Press Release

UPDATE: At CHA 2010 QuickStitch Embroidery Papers were selected as one of the most innovative new products. Allison presented the paper at the Innovation Showcase Media Event. Click here to watch the presentation (Neil Enterprises comes on at about 1:27):  QuickStitch Embroidery Papers at CHA

FYI: Online you can only order packs of 12 of single designs. If you’d like to mix & match you have to speak to one of our lovely customer service reps 1-800-621-5584. Also, if you’re unsure about the whole ‘embroidering on paper thing’ give us a call and we can send you a sample!

Happy Sewing!

Coffee To Go

The new coffee sleeves have arrived and I’m very excited about them! For all those Caffeine Queens out there always looking for their next coffee fix, this item is for you. You never have to waste a cardboard sleeve again. This coffee sleeve slides over t0-go cups. Not only are you being environmentally friendly but your coffee cup now has a handle!

#576 Coffee Sleeve

The coffee sleeve is expandable so you can use it on any sized cup.

HOT TIP:  Remember when creating your insert for this item to do it towards one side. With all other drinkware you usually put your design in the middle. But with the coffee sleeve the handle is in the middle so the key is to put it towards one side so everything is visible.

Click here to order: http://www.neilenterprises.com/coffeesleeve.aspx

CHA 2010!

We’ve been super busy at Neil Enterprises! We just finished exhibiting at the Craft & Hobby Show in Rosemont, IL. While there, we demonstrated how to use our QuickStitch Embroidery Papers, and talked about all of our other cool new products like the coffee sleeve and purse hook. We also talked to a lot of scrapbookers. The scrapbookers loved all of our products. Since the insert area on most of our items allows for multi sheet inserts, they realized they could do all the stickering and stamping they wanted and be able to put their awesome designs in things like drinkware and bookmarks.

Our next tradeshows for the craft and embroidery markets are coming up fast!

NNEP South: Houston, TX - August 6-7
NNEP East: Nashville, TN – August 20-21
ISS: Atlanta, GA – September 9-11

Look on the calendar tab on neilenterprises.com to find out more info about these shows. We hope to see you there!

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