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The Slurpy Tumbler

So what are you going to do with your slurpy tumbler?

Click here to buy!

Baby Items

OH BABY! Newborn Package Add-Ons

Newborn photography is not a new concept, but there are plenty of new ways to increase your profits. Mothers and other family members are no longer looking for a handful of prints. Adding novelty items to your customers’ order is a great way to make your packages stand out among the competition. Novelty items show your beautiful photos off in a unique and creative way.

Below are just a few items that are fantastic for mother’s to show off pictures of their child and for you to potentially gain new business when every is oooing and ahhing over the photo.

Shown above:

#502 Baby Sippy Cup
#2718S Mini Snow Globe
#7633 Silver Spin Keychain


Market Research : By 2015, Custom Photo Merchandise to Generate 80% of Online Finishing: InfoTrends

This article originally appear in the Photo Reporter on March 20, 2012 and can be view by clicking here.


Weymouth, MA—A recent InfoTrends report, U.S Online Photo Services Forecast: 2010-2015, highlights key market drivers in the online photo services market, projecting that by 2015 more than 80% of total net-to-mail (online) revenue will come from custom photo gifts and merchandise.

Other key points include that new product categories will emerge in the photo merchandise market to fuel growth, and printing and photo merchandise purchasing from mobile devices will provide additional opportunities for online photofinishers.

While online photofinishers have being offering basic photo products like photo cards, books and calendars, new products such as home décor (canvas wrap and fine art prints, posters, photo panels, children’s wall decorations) are now providing opportunities for online providers—because many retail outlets do not have the required equipment and operator training to create them. But whether you’re an online provider or brick-and-mortar retailer, continued product innovation is essential to fuel customers’ desires to enjoy and share their photos in different ways.

The study also considers trends in photo and memory preservation. The study states that consumers continue to rely on photo prints as a means of passing on their photos to future generations, and that print providers should leverage this. InfoTrends stresses the importance of prints or photo books as an easy way to pass photos down, adding that it’s also beneficial for those photofinishers that offer long-term storage of original images used for printing in case the originals are ever lost or damaged. “If photofinishers position themselves as a means to preserve photos that can be potentially lost, consumers who are less apt to purchase photo products will have an incentive to buy,” states the report.

Mobile applications were also considered. With today’s mobile lifestyle, most major online photo services now offer mobile applications that let users view their online photo albums, upload new photos and share them by various means. However, InfoTrends notes that many of these apps do not provide the ability to order prints or custom photo merchandise items. InfoTrends suggests adding this feature to online applications as many consumers use their mobile phone as their primary device for picture taking, storage and sharing.

InfoTrends’ U.S Online Photo Services Forecast: 2010-2015 report provides 2010 and 2011 market size estimates and projections through 2015 for the online photo services market, including active users (members who upload photos and visitors who do not) and net-to-mail photofinishing revenues (prints and custom photo merchandise).

via Neil Enterprises

Chevron, Chevron, Everywhere!

TREND WATCH: Is chevron the new stripes?

Chevron by far is one of the hottest prints of 2012 — at least so far, it is only March! It is everywhere. Home decor, like blankets and rugs to accessories like cell phone cases and handbags. Even on apparel like skirts and shirts! And last but not least paper products like invitations and now finally QUICKSTITCH EMBROIDERY PAPERS! Chevron picked up a lot of steam when Missoni for Target launched in September 2011. It put the once exclusive pattern in the hands of everyday shoppers. Since then generic chevron patterns are popping up everywhere.

And now Neil Enterprises has jumped on the trend.


via Design Public


via Etsy


via Atlantic-Pacific

via Neil Enterprises
neil enterprises pinterest board

Pinterest! Should photographers use it as a business tool?



So the latest social media craze is the super fast growing Pinterest. What is Pinterest you ask? Well back in the old days if you found something you like in a magazine whether it was a product you wanted, a cool photo, or just something inspirational, you’d rip it out and put it on a bulletin board. Well Pinterest is the digital version of just that!


Whether or not photographers should use it as a business, sales, and marketing tool is being debated by photographers across the globe. There’s a significant amount of benefits to being on Pinterest but the downsides are quite complicated. I highly recommend you read the two articles below which explore both sides of the issue.


Hey Photographer! Pinterest is NOT for You – written by Allen Murabayahi, CEO of PhotoShelter

Pinterest for Wedding Photographers – written by Leanne Marie, a Pittsburgh based professional photographer


For photographers on Pinterest there are many risks involved but when it comes to other types of businesses it could lead to plenty of new opportunities. And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to get started on Pinterest, just check out Neil Enterprise’s page:















UPDATE: Read this recently published article on the issue! – A Lawyer Who Is Also A Photographer Just Deleted All Her Pinterest Boards Out Of Fear by Alyson Shontell

Happy 2012!

So I know I’ve been REALLY slacking with posts. But one of my 2012 goals is to post more! So be on the lookout for fun projects, cool new photo products, and some features from other photo blogs.

Professional Photographer’s Guide to Selling Neil Water Bottles and Photo Inserts

Note: This blog entry is courtesy of the H&H Color Blog, you can view the original posting by clicking here

Plan Number 1: Sell After Sports Picture Day

Use as a Commission Replacement or Fund Raiser.  On picture day shoot 100% of the youth athletes.  At a game or speciawater bottles for professional photographersl sporting event, sell the water bottle.  Have custom photo inserts made up of the team and individual for each child and place in the water bottle.  At the event sell the water bottle, cash and carry.  At the end, the water bottles not used can be saved for another day. You’re only out the $1.77 for the insert.  You can also price the insert to sell by its self. The commission or fund raiser from this plan is to tell the league or school that you only want maybe $6, $7 or $8 and the balance from the $13, $14, or $15 dollar price would be theirs.  The revenues to them from this idea have great possibilities to be much more than the usual set $1 or $2 per package.

Plan Number 2: Take the Water Bottles to Your Next Sports Photo Shoot

On the H&H website click on the Neil’s link and order a supply of water bottles – available in blue, black and pink. Take the water bottles to your next little league photo shoot.  The combination of the Neil’s Water Bottle and the H&H water bottle insert is on your pre-pay order form.  The price you set is based on your area. The delivery of the water bottle was the number one concern, expressed by our customers.  Therefore we recommended, sell the water bottle and insert at your shoot, they take the water bottle home and tell your customer the insert will be in their picture package.

Plan Number 3: Different Water Bottle Inserts for Different Seasons

The customer still has a water bottle from baseball but now they are playing football.   Besides having the water bottle and the insert priced together, also sell the insert as a separate photo product.  They can replace the baseball insert with the football insert, in their present water bottle and a new season begins.

To purchase the photo sport bottles click here. Also, be on the lookout for the photo tumbler with straw coming in Fall 2011!

Jerry Fine, Founder of Neil Enterprises

Jerry Fine

It’s been about a month since the passing of Neil Enterprises founder, Jerry Fine. He will be greatly missed not only by the Neil employees but the customers as well. The immense amount of support from the photo community has been humbling. Jerry and some of his products greatly impacted the wide world of photography.

Jerry Fine, Founder of Neil Enterprises

Jerry was an outstanding businessman and set an unbelievable example for all employees. His loyalty was immeasurable. Neil Enterprises just recently had a 50th anniversary celebration. Close friends and family as well as customers and past and present employees all were able to speak with Jerry. He made it

a point to talk to everyone and had a smile on his face the entire time. Looking back all are so grateful to have shared such a significant milestone with the man who started it all. It is rare nowadays for businesses to make it past the first generation of family. However, Neil Enterprises is now in its third generation of Fine Family members. Some of his children and grandchild are employees. This is due to Jerry’s leadership and his love for not only his family, but his work as well. Jerry Fine was a great man; it is because of him Neil Enterprises has become the highly regarded company that it is today.

The drawings were placed in the #6630 Memo Holder and the #573 Travel Tumbler

Turn Your Photo Coloring Pages into Photo Products!

Last week we posted a great project from our friends at Photojojo on how to take regular boring old photos and turn them into works of art that you can color in. (Click here to read it.) As we mentioned you can take the project one step farther and insert your creations into photo products from Neil Enterprises. Check out these cool items we created!



The drawings were placed in the #6630 Memo Holder and the #573 Travel Tumbler

You can get really wild and crazy by changing people’s hair color and the color of their clothes. Notice how the girls in the photo were originally wearing black or white but in the drawing their clothes turned into green, purple, and pink! This easy to do craft project makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, which is right around the corner.

How to Create Coloring Book Pages Using your Own Photos!

Are you tired of using the same boring photo inserts in your acrylic blanks? Looking for a new creative way to use Neil photo products? How about using your photos to create pages you can color in! This is an innovative take on craft projects. What kid doesn’t want to color in themselves. If you’re looking for an activity that also doubles as a Mother or Father’s Day gift, this is it!

Note: This blog entry is coutresy of Photojojo and was originally posted here: Create Coloring Book Pages Using Photos!

Imagine a world where you can color on your friend’s faces and not get in trouble for it.

Now you can by making your own coloring book out of photos!

With a little help from your photo editor, you’ll be able to turn your very own snaps into a stack of ready-to-be-colored in images.

You may not be able to control the color of your photos while you’re taking pics, but with our coloring book tutorial, you’ll have the power to make your photos any little color you want.

Also, your friends will thank you for not taking a sharpie to their face in real life.


  • Photoshop or a similar photo editing software
  • A photo with an easy to see subject
  • Non-photo paper
  • Crayons or any coloring medium of your choice
  • Stapler

Step 1: Gather The Troops!

beforeCollect photos you would like to make into a coloring book and open them in Photoshop.

Over exaggerated open mouth photos are highly encouraged–nobody wants a snooze-fest of a coloring book.

Step 2: Hey I Almost See It!

beforeHere comes the fun part! This is where your photo really starts to take on that “coloring book” look.

First make sure your foreground color is set to black (those 2 colored squares towards the bottom left of your document in the tool panel).

Go to the “Filter” menu and go to the sub menu “sketch” there should be a “photocopy” option there. Depending on what version of photoshop you are running the “photocopy” filter may be in a different sub menu–don’t fret!

Most versions have this filter so you might have to a do a lil searching. It’s ok though, think of it as an exciting adobe scavenger hunt! (You like scavenger hunts, right? Yeah, we thought so).

Once you go to the “photocopy” menu you’ll get 2 slider bars, one for “detail” and one for “darkness”. Each photo is different and unique (just like you!) so there is no real science between picking which numbers will look best for your photo.

Slide the sliders over till you get a result that looks similar to the photos below. Don’t worry about a “psychedelic” background or those pesky lil specs that may appear on your friend’s faces, we’ll get rid of those we promise.

Step 3: Out Darn Spots!

beforeAs promised we’re going to take care of that background and bizarre spots on your friend’s faces.

Go to the brush tool and make it white. Simply color in the background and go over any unsightly spots and gnarly shapes.

You can also do the same thing with the black areas. We colored in this little guy’s stylish shades with the black paint brush to make it look more “hey you can’t see his eyeballs, this makes him mysterious and cool” and less “hey, where did the rest of their glasses go? Is that why they were on sale?”

Step 4: Time For The Refrigerator Art Gallery! (Awww Yeaaah)

beforeNow go get “yo’ print on”, grab those crayons & get to town! If not for us do it for your inner child.

When done coloring in your way awesome coloring book pages you can slap those bad boys to the fridge.

Everyone knows only thee best art work gets to be showcased in the refrigerator art gallery. We here believe that your coloring book is so grand that it deserves to grace those giant white doors that is your fridge.

Also while you’re there you can grab a snack and take a nap–all that coloring really works up an appetite and wipes you out!



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