Prints vs discs vs USB/flash/thumb drives?? The many ways to share photos keeps increasing! Back in the day, the only way to get photos was to order prints from your professional photographer. But with technology moving rapidly it’s hard to keep up. I love this marketing piece from Yanman Photography.

CD Folio and Flash Drive Box for Photographers

It really proves how much technology can change, not just from decade to decade but from year to year. One of the best sellers at Neil Enterprises is the cd/dvd folios. But as technology advances we must too. New slim laptops do not come with disc drives anymore. Same with televisions, at one time they had built in DVD players but that’s not the case anymore. What these new devices do have is usb ports for flash drives. So Neil Enterprises is preparing for the days ahead and now offering flash drive boxes. You can check them out here: Are you thinking about making the switch? Or are you one of those few photographers that still doesn’t offer digital files? (And there’s nothing wrong with that.)