Event photography with on-location printing can bring huge profits to your studio!  Corporate events, action sports, specialty shows, dance competitions, weddings and other social events are just a few possibilities.
The DNP (formerly Sony) SnapLab Printer, which can be purchased from Neil Enterprises, provides you with everything you need to make the photo truly stand out.
Another big plus to printing the photos on site, is that when you get back to the studio, you’re done! No editing involved since the photos have already been delivered.

The SnapLab Printer

SnapLab features:

  • NO computer necessary
  • 8″ Touch Screen
  • NO messy ink
  • FAST prints come out dry, coated and trimmed to size
  • Accepts most media cards
  • Crop, color-correct, eliminate red eye
  • Convert Images to B&W and Sepia
  • Refill 4×6 paper & ribbon once every 200 prints
  • Lightweight and portable



Click here to purchase the SnapLab Printer from Neil Enterprises. Are you worried about making the investment in a SnapLab Printer? Call Martin, the SnapLab Expert at Neil Enterprises (1-800-621-5584). He’ll help you figure out if it’s the right decision for you. Martin also can put together a custom package that includes photo keychains and mounts at a discount!