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Plan Number 1: Sell After Sports Picture Day

Use as a Commission Replacement or Fund Raiser.  On picture day shoot 100% of the youth athletes.  At a game or speciawater bottles for professional photographersl sporting event, sell the water bottle.  Have custom photo inserts made up of the team and individual for each child and place in the water bottle.  At the event sell the water bottle, cash and carry.  At the end, the water bottles not used can be saved for another day. You’re only out the $1.77 for the insert.  You can also price the insert to sell by its self. The commission or fund raiser from this plan is to tell the league or school that you only want maybe $6, $7 or $8 and the balance from the $13, $14, or $15 dollar price would be theirs.  The revenues to them from this idea have great possibilities to be much more than the usual set $1 or $2 per package.

Plan Number 2: Take the Water Bottles to Your Next Sports Photo Shoot

On the H&H website click on the Neil’s link and order a supply of water bottles – available in blue, black and pink. Take the water bottles to your next little league photo shoot.  The combination of the Neil’s Water Bottle and the H&H water bottle insert is on your pre-pay order form.  The price you set is based on your area. The delivery of the water bottle was the number one concern, expressed by our customers.  Therefore we recommended, sell the water bottle and insert at your shoot, they take the water bottle home and tell your customer the insert will be in their picture package.

Plan Number 3: Different Water Bottle Inserts for Different Seasons

The customer still has a water bottle from baseball but now they are playing football.   Besides having the water bottle and the insert priced together, also sell the insert as a separate photo product.  They can replace the baseball insert with the football insert, in their present water bottle and a new season begins.

To purchase the photo sport bottles click here. Also, be on the lookout for the photo tumbler with straw coming in Fall 2011!